The company was founded in 1993 and it is a full-private capital company. We have a total number of 33 employees, from which 23 are directly involved in the production process. Currently the annual bussiness amount is of about 1.000.000 euros.
    In the early years of activity our company produced mainly non-ferrous alloys such as tin-bronze, aluminum-bronze, brass, aluminium alloys and anti-friction alloys. At the moment we are producing the above-mentioned alloys and also ferrous alloys such as gray irons, alloyed irons, spheroidal graphite irons, carbon-steels and alloyed steels.
    Within the company, the main technological activities are coordinated by specialized engineers with over 25 years of experience in the production of cast parts.
    The melting of the ferrous alloyes and bronzes is made in induction furnaces, double-crucible, with a capacity of 300 kg for bronzes and 500 kg for ferrous alloyes.
    The melting of the other alloys is made in electric furnaces, and the determination of the chemical composition is made on a spectral analyser.
    The moulding is made in a mecanised manner with organical resine or sodium silicate-londed sand in addition with hand made operation. 
    We usually produce the following alloys:
    - cast parts in non-ferrous alloys, copper-and Aluminum-basis; castings in gray irons and spheroidal graphite irons; castings in refractory and wear-resistant irons; castings in carbon-steel, alloyed steels, refractory steels a.s.o.
The patterns for the castings can be supplied by ourselves and included in the products prices.
-    Induction furnace with 300 kg capacity bronzes and 500 kg capacity for  ferrous alloyes
-    static casted parts in metallic moulds, as bushes, bars, sections.
-    ingots in copper – and aluminum – alloys.
-    deposits of antifriction alloys on bearings (Y-Sn80, Y-Sn83 a.s.o.); ingots in these alloys (Babbit types); brazing alloys (LP40, LP60, LP63).
Our company delivers the castings to the client is of above 500 kgs / conveyance.
The quality is guaranteed by quality certificates type 3.1.B as per EN 10204.
The payments are made with payment orders or cheques at maximum 30 days from delivery, but we can agree other payment possibities.
     The cooperation shall be made on frame – agreement basis, towards which every 

Informatii legale

In Romania, SC Rancon SRL is registered Iasi, B-dul Chimiei nr. 14, cod 700415 – Romania, whit number J22 / 2482 / 1993, banc info RO 4804938RO71RNCB0175033601450001 – B.C.R. Suc. Ia┼či.

In Europa Centrala si de Vest, Rancon is represented in Bruxelles: 500 Avenue Louise, etaj 3, nr. 3, Bruxelles, 1050, Belgia, phone nr. +32 491 196 474, email

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Adresa: B-dul Chimiei nr.14 (Splai Bahlui), Iasi, 700415, jud. Iasi, Romania
Telefon: +40 (0)232 231222
Fax: +40 (0)232 231222
Mobil: +40 (0)744 513599 - Administrator
+40 (0)746 331931 - Director general
+40 (0)744 546799 - Secretariat
Europa Centrala si de Vest
500 Avenue Louise, etaj 3-3, Bruxelles, 1050, Belgia
+32 491 196 474
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